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Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys 

Fiercely Advocating for Your Rights in Dallas, TX

Individuals facing criminal offense charges are often unsure of what the future could hold and concerned about how their case may impact their life. At DebnamRust, P.C., we're committed to creating a safe, judgment-free zone for our criminal offense clients. We know you're presumed innocent until proven guilty. We're here to listen to the details of your case and be the fierce advocates you need to protect your rights.

Schedule a consultation with our Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas, TX today – contact us online or via phone at (214) 758-8681.

Examples of Criminal Defense in Dallas

Our Dallas criminal defense lawyers have experience helping clients navigate the following types of cases:

  • Domestic violence. Domestic violence charges are incredibly serious, as they can lead to long-term consequences for the defendant. These may come in the forms of restraining orders or child custody rights being stripped. False allegations of domestic violence are not taken lightly by the court and come with their own set of penalties. If your life has been negatively affected by false charges, you may be entitled to damages compensation. Our attorneys will stand by your side to represent you in and out of court.
  • Misdemeanors. If you're facing a misdemeanor, having a lawyer who can advocate for your rights and even help you pursue something like an expungement is invaluable. Common examples of misdemeanors include shoplifting, petty theft, and trespassing.
  • Felonies. Felonies are the most serious type of criminal offense, so having an attorney you can trust throughout your felony case is crucial. These come in the forms of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree, ranging in seriousness and penalties.
  • Assault. An assault occurs when someone intentionally and knowingly causes or threatens harm towards someone else. This can also come in the form of unwanted or offensive physical contact. Our lawyers understand the most effective ways to represent clients during assault cases.
  • Drug possession. Depending on the amount and type of drug you are charged with possessing, your range of penalties will differ. We'll help you navigate your case and pursue the best possible outcome.
  • Probation revocation. Obtaining probation can give you some of your freedom back - our lawyers will fight for you to maintain your probation rights.
  • DWI/DUI. Being convicted of a DWI or DUI could completely change your life. The penalties differ for 1st time offenders, so it's imperative you know your rights. Our attorneys will represent you through thick and thin and will help to try and reduce or drop the charges.
  • Burglary and theft. Our attorneys have the legal experience necessary to fight for your rights in a burglary or theft dispute.
  • Check fraud. Our lawyers can represent you in court and help you find the best path forward in your case.
  • Unlawful carrying of a weapon. We'll work hard to defend your rights, including the capability to bear arms.
  • Juvenile. We'll do everything in our power to ensure your child receives the treatment they deserve during a juvenile case.

At DebnamRust, P.C., we understand just how severely being convicted of a criminal offense can change someone's life. We'll relentlessly fight for your rights in the courtroom, helping defend you against criminal charges. Schedule a consultation today with our Criminal Defense Lawyer – contact us online or via phone at (214) 758-8681.

Reasons You Need a Lawyer for Criminal Defense

If you are coming to our website, you are most likely in need of legal defense. However, are you familiar with all of the benefits of hiring an attorney?

Here are several reasons you need to retain us for your criminal defense case:

  • The judicial system is complex and can become confusing for most people who aren't legal professionals. Here at Debnam Rust PC, we help walk you through your case step-by-step, explaining what you can expect. There are no guessing games here, nor do we lose the promise of transparency with our clients.
  • With the amount of court procedures, paperwork, and deadlines, it's critical that you have a legal professional that can take this load of stress off your shoulders.
  • Our Dallas criminal defense attorneys can help you view your case and evidence with a tactical mindset. The defense of a criminal charge can become emotional fast, which makes logical decision making even more significant.
  • Due to the penalties your criminal charge may come with, you need personalized protection that protects your future. We have had success reducing charge severity, lessening the amount of penalties, and dismissing certain cases.
  • Lastly, we can give you options you didn't know existed. We know the legal system inside and out.

If you are currently shopping for a criminal defense lawyer in Dallas, give us a call for a consultation. We can help you put your best foot forward!

Schedule a consultation with our Criminal Defense Lawyer today! Contact us online or via phone at (214) 758-8681. Our office is located in Dallas, TX.

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