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Child support arrangements can enable a child to thrive by providing them and their caretaker with valuable financial assistance. For child support payors and recipients alike, having an experienced child support attorney at the ready makes pursuing a truly fair outcome easier.

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Understanding Child Support in Texas

Fortunately, child support is fairly simple in Texas. If a custodial parent needs help providing for their child's basic needs, they can request child support from the non-custodial parent. Child support cases often occur in the context of a divorce or paternity case, but they can happen under other circumstances as well.

Child Support Obligations: What Parents Should Know

The parent responsible for paying support is called the "obligor." The court bases the amount of financial assistance the obligor owes on their net monthly income. Net monthly income amounts to an obligors total earnings per month, minus:

  • Federal income taxes;
  • State income taxes;
  • Social Security taxes;
  • Union dues; and
  • Health insurance expenses for the child.

If the obligor is providing assistance for one child, they can expect to pay 20% of their net monthly income to the custodial parent in child support. That figure increases to 25%, 30%, 35%, and 40% for each extra child involved in the case (up to five children). If the case involves six or more children, the obligor must pay a minimum of 40% of their net monthly income.

Paying for child support can be a significant financial burden for the obligor and enable a child to receive the resources they need to thrive.

Effective Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Ensuring that child support orders are followed and enforced is crucial for the well-being and financial stability of children. At DebnamRust, P.C., our experienced child support lawyers in Dallas are here to help you navigate the complexities of enforcing child support orders in Texas.

When it comes to enforcing child support, we can assist you with:

  • Filing a motion for contempt: If the obligor fails to make child support payments as ordered by the court, we can help you file a motion for contempt. This legal action can hold the obligor accountable for their non-compliance and potentially lead to penalties or enforcement measures.
  • Wage garnishment: In cases where the obligor is employed, we can seek a wage garnishment order to ensure that child support payments are automatically deducted from their paycheck and sent directly to you.
  • License suspension: In certain situations, such as persistent non-payment or substantial arrears, we can work to have the obligor's driver's license, professional license, or other licenses suspended until they fulfill their child support obligations.

It is important to remember that enforcing child support orders requires legal expertise and knowledge of the Texas family law system. Our dedicated team of child support lawyers is here to advocate for you and your child's best interests, ensuring that the financial support they deserve is provided.

At DebnamRust, P.C., we work with prospective child support recipients and payors alike, helping them navigate complex child support cases.

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