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Business and employment law governs the responsibilities a business has to its employees and the legal contracts workers sign with their employers.

At DebnamRust, P.C., we help Texas employees defend their rights against organizations and employers.

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What Kinds of Contracts Are Involved in Business Law?

Business law is complex, and organizations utilize it in various ways. Business law governs regulations entities must comply with to operate, such as OSHA safety procedures. Additionally, business law covers the contracts employers require their employees to sign.

Common contracts employees interface with include:

  • Hiring contracts, which describe an employee's duties in the workplace;
  • Pay agreements, which dictate how an employee is compensated;
  • Non-disclosure agreements, which prevent an employee from discussing a project they're working on;
  • Non-compete agreements, which prevent an employee from leaving an organization to start a competitor entity or similarly compete with an employer for a period of time after exiting employment;
  • Property leases, which govern how an employee can utilize property (such as a laptop) leased to them by their employer.

Unfortunately, businesses sometimes renege on their obligations to employees, violate federal employment and civil rights laws, or attempt to enforce a contract in a duplicitous manner.

Common examples of business law cases employees have with organizations include disputes concerning:

  • Discrimination in the workplace based on identifying markers such as race, religion, sex, or gender identity;
  • Harassment in the workplace or employee abuse;
  • An illegal non-compete or non-disclosure agreement that should be unenforceable by law;
  • Safety violations an employee alleges an employer committed;
  • Pay that a worker believes they're entitled to but a business refuses to provide.

At DebnamRust, P.C., our Austin business and employment law attorneys work with Texans to defend their rights in and out of the workplace.

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