How Quickly Can I Get A Divorce in Texas?

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Going through a divorce is known to be one of the most challenging experiences in life. Most people want their divorce finalized as quickly as possible so they can begin to heal and move forward in building their new lives.

Texas Divorce Waiting Period

The absolute fastest you can get a divorce in Texas is 60 days from the date of filing. If the couple is able to agree on all terms of their divorce before the 60 days is up, the divorce will still not be able to be finalized until the 60th day.

The purpose of this waiting period is to give spouses time to reconcile before finalizing their divorce. In fact, a survey by the Institute For American Values estimates that nearly 40% of divorcing couples are open to, or hoping for, marital reconciliation. If this happens, the spouses can then drop the divorce case.

There are many varying opinions about this mandatory waiting period.

  • Some people find it useful to provide that window for positive change in the relationship.
  • Other people want the waiting period to be longer to extend the window for potential reconciliation.
  • Some believe that the waiting period is an overstep and that couples should not be forced to stay together for 60 days if they are ready to finalize their divorce before then.

Some states require a longer waiting period for spouses with children; Texas does not. The waiting period remains 60 days whether or not you and your spouse have children.

It is also important to note that this 60 day waiting period is not a deadline. The divorce does not need to be finalized on the 60th day. Divorce proceedings can technically go on for a year or more.

Exceptions To The Waiting Period

There are extenuating circumstances for which this waiting period can be waived. In cases where there was domestic abuse, the spouses will not need to wait 60 days for a divorce. This could potentially put the family in more danger, and that is not the goal.

Additionally, if the marriage is annulled or considered void, there will not be a 60 day waiting period.

Compassionate Dallas Divorce Representation

One of the best ways to ensure your divorce is finalized as quickly as possible is to work with an experienced attorney. At DebnamRust, P.C., our team can help you stay organized, provide emotional support, and guide you through the process of getting a divorce.

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